Italian Travel Consulting

Cara is an Italian travel expert who brings her extensive knowledge of the Italian culture, geography, history, nature, art, gastronomy, and more to help customize your Italian experience. Cara has lived in Italy for over four years, she has traveled to every region on the boot, and she has an abundance of knowledge to share with you. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned Italian traveler, Cara can deliver the authentic Italian experience in the must see cities or off the beaten path.
Providing Direction
Help Refining Your Itinerary

Have you created an itinerary but want Cara to overview it and give you suggestions? Maybe you’re spending too much time in a given city, maybe you shouldn’t take a ferry because you’ll want to jump off a bridge, maybe you are skipping something you shouldn’t, or maybe you’re missing the best steak that you’ve ever eaten in your life! There are so many little things that will improve your overall experience. You’ve already done the heavy lifting so let’s just tie up the loose ends.

Bells & Whistles

The best restaurants, typical foods you should try, special activities, festivals, the most beautiful beaches, jazz clubs, farms and vineyards, the coolest discotecas, tour guides, must sees and more –  Cara has the inside scoop! Based on your itinerary and dates in Italy, she can give you a list of outstanding places and activities that you must check out.

Pre-made Itineraries

Cara has a bank of pre-made Italian itineraries that she personally researched and created from scratch to offer you insights on her favorite journeys through each region in Italy for certain must-see cities with accompanying suggestions.

Custom Tailored Itineraries

The works.  Cara is not booking the trip, but she will create a customized itinerary with special focus on your interests from the time you touch down until the time you leave. She will iron out the details from espresso to gelato so you can relax and enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

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