Adult paint class Pittsburgh

Painting – Creating Color Relationships – Evening

  • Painting - Creating Color Relationships - Evening
    February 5, 2019 - February 19, 2019
    6:15 pm - 9:00 pm
    - 3 Tuesday Evening Classes

Event Phone: 412-968-5858


Cara Livorio


Whether you are a beginner or an advances painter, this class is all about understanding color and applying it in a conscientious way to your painting. Having a picture as a reference is helpful, but our goal isn’t to match the colors exactly–we want to create a harmony with our painting that transcends our inspiration.  We will limit your palette, and we will practice translating and tweaking colors from one hue to the next so that you can create a successful color scheme for your painting. We will also provide a brief overview of good palette practice for mixing the colors that you will need to start off your painting. Be ready to experiment and go out of your comfort zone. After we learn some techniques, you will be put to the test with a subject matter of your choosing, guided by the teacher to ensure that you are applying what you have learned.


A material list will be sent to the students prior to the start date of the class.