Toddler & Me Making Art- Spring II

  • Toddler & Me Making Art
    April 12, 2021 - May 3, 2021
    10:00 am - 10:45 am
    - 4 Monday Daytime Classes

Event Phone: 412-968-5858


Hannah Wolfe


  • Four Classes: April 12 – May 3
  • Ages 2.5 – 4
  • This class is seasonally inspired.
  • We devise experiences that inspire curiosity and creativity while focusing on skill development.
  • Toddlers will work with their respective caregivers to create a new artwork each week. This is not a drop off class, and this class is designed for you to engage with your little artist.
  • Sensory driven art experimentation & play: Due to Covid-19, each child we will be exploring sensory materials and engaging in developmental exercises individually with their caregiver.
  • Students will explore different materials & art processes.
  • Dress for a mess. Due to Covid-19, we will not be providing smocks to our students. Please dress appropriately.
  • Due to Covid-19 social distancing, the student must have the ability to stay in his or her spot and explore the materials and projects from this location instead of roaming around the studio. (which in the past was encouraged during our sensory time).
  • Materials: Due to Covid-19, students will not be sharing materials.
  • We are making extra efforts to sanitize the studio before and after class as well as any materials used.


Course materials are included in the price of the class.

Covid-19 Information

  • The safety of our students and of the community at large is our number one priority. Therefore, we have instituted the following procedures for our in-person classes at Artissima.-Parents/guardians of the student will sign a Covid-19 Declaration Form, Release & Questionnaire.-As a part of the questionnaire, the student and his or her family unit (socially distanced circle at home) must be able to ensure that he or she does not have symptoms in the 14 days leading up to the class, has not tested positive to Covid-19, has not been exposed to anyone who has tested positive in the 14 days leading up to the class, is not waiting for a pending test, has not been out of the country in the last 30 days (before the class), has not been to a Covid-19 hot spot in the United States in the last 30 days (before the class). During the class, it is imperative that you contact us immediately if any of the declarations above change. This is all written up in the Declaration Form in greater detail.-The instructors, in turn, will also monitor their symptoms, and they will abide by the aforementioned stipulations.Artissima and our instructors will…
    • Accommodate only a limited number of students in each class to ensure proper social distancing.
    • Wash/Sanitize our hands before and after each session.
    • Wear our masks at all times.
    • Take his or her temperature before coming to class to ensure that it is below 100.4F.
    • Instructors will cancel the class if they have any symptoms related to Covid-19. The instructors will be socially distanced as much as possible.
    • Clean/Disinfect frequently touched surfaces and the bathroom before and after class. Clean/Disinfect the bathroom during the class as necessary.
    • Maintain a safe distance at all times.
    • Provide sanitizers at the entrance and automatic soap dispensers and automatic paper towels for the students to use to avoid contamination.
    • All students will receive individual materials for each project. No sharing of materials.

    We are requesting that each of our students, please…

    • Aprons: Bring aprons or wear clothing appropriate for a mess. Artissima Studio will not be providing aprons.
    • Take your Temperature: Parent/Guardian will take child’s temperature at home before entering the premises to ensure that it is below 100.4 F. If you arrive at class, it is assumed that you have taken your temperature.
    • Face Masks: The adults will wear a face mask at all times within the studio. The toddlers are encouraged to wear a mask, but they may take off the mask if necessary since we will be socially distanced inside the studio.
    • Hand Sanitizers: When entering and exiting the studio, use the automatic hand sanitizer at the studio.
    • Socially Distance: Maintain a safe distance from others at all times. Students will remain in his or seat unless he or she needs to use the bathroom or sink, one at a time.
    • Using the Bathroom & Sink: Only one student at a time washes his or her hands or goes to the bathroom. There will be no “lines” to use the sink or the bathroom.
    • Water: Carry his or her own bottle for drinking water (if necessary) and it will be placed at his or her seat.
    • Personal Items: Do not bring any personal items unless there is a medical necessity. Any personal items cleared to stay in the studio must be kept in a plastic bag and kept at your seat. You may wear a jacket or coat, but it must be placed it in a bag and brought it to your assigned seats.
    • Guests: No guests may enter the studio aside from the parent/guardian that is accompanying the student during the class.
    • Entering the Studio: Students will enter the studio one at a time. Please wait in a socially distanced line to enter the studio.
    • Exiting the Studio: Students will exit the studio one at a time.

    Students will be asked to agree to follow procedures outlined above each week to ensure the safety of all parties.

    We will do our best to protect all students, and we feel confident that the students will have an enjoyable and creative experience even with the extra measures put in place to guarantee the safety of everyone.

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