Observational Drawing & Perspective | Ages 12-18

  • Observational Drawing & Perspective | Ages 12-18
    September 23, 2021 - December 9, 2021
    6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
    - 11 Thursday Classes
    No Class on November 24

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**Registration will be available starting on Wednesday, July 21. If this class is sold out, please email us at info@artissimastudio.com, and you will be placed on our waiting list. If spots open up, you will be the first to know!**

This is an intensive drawing course. So many students live in the realm of doodling. While we love their doodles, we want the students to develop sophisticated, finished drawings that have mature and profound knowledge behind them. We will hone the students’ drawing skills and their perception of value, and the students will learn how to draw complex objects in space. We will focus on developing our observational skills in order to draw from life in proper scale and proportion.  We will also dive into learning perspective.

Dates: There is NO CLASS on November 25

  • Honing your Skills: This class is designed for students who want to hone their artistic skills and who are looking for a healthy challenge. The students will be given more responsibility for their art making, and they are encouraged to grow and exercise their creative muscles in a positive environment with like-minded creative kids. Students do not need to have prior instruction, but they must understand that is a class that focuses on serious artistic instruction.
  • Subject Matter: Drawing various subject matter like still life and interiors to develop our skills.
  • Medium: We will primarily be working with different types of graphite. We may throw in charcoal if the situation calls for it, but the primary focus of this class is not to teach working in charcoal.
  • Building skills: By completing these drawing challenges, the student will achieve a skill set that will serve as a strong reinforcement for his or her drawing capabilities. The student will have more confidence when he or she is trying to approach any subject matter in the future, and they will also have the liberty to make each project personalized.
  • Composition: Students will be challenged to focus on the unity of  of their design and overall composition. They will be forced to think independently, learn how to edit, and make smart choices so that they have a successful composition in the end. Thinking of the whole picture is very important at this stage in their artistic development.
  • Creative thinkers: Students will be encouraged to think creatively, reflect upon their work, engage in class discussions, and have a great time as they grow as artists.


Course materials are included in the price of the class.

COVID-19 Information:

The safety of our students and of the community at large is our number one priority. Therefore, we have instituted the following procedures for our in-person classes at Artissima:

-Parents/guardians of the student will sign a Covid-19 Declaration Form, Release & Questionnaire.

-By signing the Declaration Form, parents/guardians agree to take the temperature of the student before coming to class. The student’s arrival at class indicates that the student’s temperature is below 100.4 F.

Artissima instructors are vaccinated. We will…

  • Wash/Sanitize our hands before and after each session.
  • Take his or her temperature before coming to class to ensure that it is below 100.4F.
  • Instructors will cancel the class if they have any symptoms related to Covid-19.
  • Clean/Disinfect frequently touched surfaces and the bathroom before and after class.
  • Provide sanitizers at the entrance and automatic soap dispensers and automatic paper towels for the students to use to avoid contamination.
  • All students will receive individual materials for each project. There will be no sharing of materials.

We are requesting that each of our students, please…

  • Aprons: Bring aprons or wear clothing appropriate for a mess. Artissima Studio will not be providing aprons during this uncertain time.
  • Take your Temperature: Parent/Guardian will take child’s temperature at home before entering the premises to ensure that it is below 100.4 F. If you arrive at class, it is assumed that you have taken your temperature.
  • Face Masks: Masks will be required for the fall semester. We are following the Fox Chapel school district and CDC guidelines. 
  • Hand Sanitizers: When entering and exiting the studio, use the hand sanitizer at the studio.
  • Using the Bathroom & Sink: Only one student at a time washes his or her hands or goes to the bathroom. There will be no “lines” to use the sink or the bathroom. Students will be called one by one.
  • Water: Carry his or her own bottle for drinking water (if necessary) and it will be placed at his or her seat.
  • Personal Items: Do not bring any personal items unless there is a medical necessity. Any personal items cleared to stay in the studio must be kept in a plastic bag.
  • Guests: No parents, guardians or other patrons are allowed to stay in the studio during the class.
  • Drop Off: Students will enter the studio one at a time for drop off.
  • Pick Up: One student can exit at a time for pick up. The parent should not enter the studio—please stand in front of the door, and the student will come out to meet you.

Students will be asked to agree to follow procedures outlined above each week to ensure the safety of all parties.

We will do our best to protect all students, and we feel confident that the students will have an enjoyable, didactic and creative experience even with the extra measures put in place to guarantee the safety of everyone.

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