Adult Art Open Studio Class Pittsburgh

Art with Guidance – ONLINE Critique

  • Art with Guidance - ONLINE
    September 16, 2020 - November 17, 2020
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
    - 10 Wednesday Evening Classes

Event Phone: 412-968-5858


Cara Livorio



  • First class: in person or online. Everyone gets 15 minutes, and I schedule a time where you meet with me on Wednesday of the first week. In person or digitally.
    1. Show me your work: You bring digital or concrete examples of your past work if you would like. We will look over it in 5 minutes or less.
    2. Discuss your Project and Goals: We will look at the project that you will be working on, and we will discuss your goals.
    3. I can give you some pointers for downloading Zoom. It’s very simple to use.
  • Guidance – Asking Questions: You may ask me any questions, and I can give you advice for your general approach, techniques, etc.
  • Supplies: You will be responsible for providing your own supplies, as usual. If you need a table easel, this can be borrowed from the studio—All loaned supplies must be returned to Artissima at the end of the class. I can recommend materials if need be, as always.
  • Each week:
    1. Everyone Starts: Zoom starts at 6:30pm on Wednesday and works until 8pm (You can start earlier and of course you may continue working until you’re satisfied). Please be set up with your supplies before the class starts. Each student is expected to be set up and ready to work: at 6:30pm.
    2. My set up- Your set up: I will have my camera set up towards an easel and my work space, in case I have to demonstrate something for you. You can have your camera set up so that I can consistently see you working on your artwork. However, if you prefer, you can also turn your video off until you want to show me something.
      1. I can provide different suggestions for the best way to allow me to see your progress as you work from home. 
  • Individual Critique: With Zoom: I will spend time with everyone during this Zoom session, and I will make sure that you have exclusive time for me to look at your progress, provide a critique and help you with any ideas or skills that you are hoping to work on. If you wish you critique to be private, we can use a “Zoom room” to communicate privately or we can FaceTime.
  • Class Finishes: The online class ends at 8:00pm.
  • Email: When you have finished for the day: You can email me at, and I will give them a critique and offer suggestions via email or phone call.
  • Missing a Class: If you miss a class, I happily agree to receive an email during the week that you won’t be able to attend the online class to critique your progress. There will be no makeup classes offered on alternative weeks.

10 classes:

This class is an open studio for beginner to advanced students. This class provides the opportunity to work on developing your personal artwork (in different media) at your own pace with the guidance of a professional artist. If you would like an instructive and creative place to create art and work on your craft, this is the class for you. We can give you some useful tips and suggestions for materials and techniques while providing guidance and encouragement along the way. You will have the confidence and motivation to bring your artwork to the next level.


Please bring the appropriate materials for the piece that you’re working on or feel free to contact Artissima Studio for advice about which materials to bring.